Satellite data for down-to-earth problems
Innovative Data Services provides you access to global data obtained from a dedicated space infrastructure. In today's online and connected world, you need to be able to act fast, and in order to do that you need all the information regarding your operations you can obtain. However, in large areas of the world, it is difficult do obtain that information due to a lack of affordable communication infrastructure and sensors. IDS offers solutions to bridge such information gaps by making use of satellites to gather information in those areas that would otherwise be uneconomical to cover with more traditional means.

As a first service, IDS is developing an ocean traffic service, which will provide near real time information on vessel movements on the oceans. By detecting messages from space that are transmitted by vessels on an international voyage and ships outside the range of coastal stations, it is possible to provide an accurate overview of vessel traffic all over the world. IDS, together with partners in Europe is developing a dedicated space system, consisting of a network of small satellites, to be able to offer this service in 2011.

Other applications or activities that require near real time information in remote areas and on a global scale are within the capabilities of IDS as well, such as remote sensor network readouts and tracking and tracing of valuable assets.